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All accounts should be settled at the time of your consultation. We thank you for cooperating with this policy.

We accept payment by cash, card or cheque and can take payment over the phone on outstanding balances.

Patients with outstanding balances are required to pay their balance in full prior to making any further appointments.


You can see an outline of our general fees below, please note that the fee for consultation with the nurse may vary depending on the service being provided. Please enquire at reception if the fee for a particular service is not available below.

Comprehensive Health Check

Takes place over 2 days - €300.

This includes a nurse visit, age appropriate blood tests where indicated, urinalysis +/- an ECG test where appropriate, then an extended doctor visit.

Comprehensive Lifestyle Medicine Consultations

3 visits takes place at 1 month intervals over 3 months - €300

80% of chronic diseases are potentially avoidable. It is never too late to make small changes to your lifestyle to improve your health. Change can be difficult. We can offer Evidence Based Lifestyle Medicine Consultations for patients looking for help with improving their health via their lifestyle. (Please note these appointments are not suitable for dealing with new/acute issues such as back pain, infections etc.)

Certain services are not covered as part of the HSE Medical Card Contract – some of which are outlined in the below poster.

IMO Notice to Patients with Medical/GP Visit Cards
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